Peak Project

For my group’s peak project this semester we were tasked with making A Queer History of Concordia. I was initially kind of worried about taking on this topic. I am not part of the LGBTQ+ community and I almost felt not allowed to take on this topic because it is not my story to tell.… Continue reading Peak Project

Oregon Trail

The historical game that I chose to play was Oregon Trail. It is a game that I have heard a ton about but have never really had time to sit down and play it. I played through it one time and had every person in my party die pretty quickly. I feel like that is… Continue reading Oregon Trail

3D Printing

3D printing is a relatively new technology that has become very popular for many different types of people and organizations. There are many people who use it as a hobby and make things for use around the house. There are also many uses for 3d printing in engineering when making prototypes for different things that… Continue reading 3D Printing

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