EDUCATION: Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
2024 Expected Grad Year
Major in Computer Science and Mathematics
Current Overall GPA: 3.804
Current Computer Science GPA: 4.0
Relevant Courses Completed:
*Introduction to Computer Science
*Fundamental Structures
*Principles of Software Engineering
*Operating Systems
Skills Learned:
*Experience with object-oriented programming
*Experience with algorithm design, queues, stacks, and hash tables
*Experience with large scale project planning

Willmar Senior High School, Willmar, MN
Graduated in 2020
Graduated with high honors and distinction

EXPERIENCE: Willmar Public School District, Willmar, MN
Summer 2017 – Summer 2021
*IT Intern
*Set up technology systems as necessary including:
iPads, computers, sound systems, SmartBoards,
and networking
*Problem solving to get the tasks mentioned above done in a timely
*Communicating with coworkers to get projects accomplished
*Communicating with teachers, staff, and students to assist with
technology needs

First Robotics, Team WARPSPEED 4239, Willmar, MN
Fall 2017 – Spring 2019
*Collaborated with team members to build the robot
*Worked on large scale engineering projects to build the robot
*Brainstorming and problem solving to ensure the robot
completed the given tasks