Oregon Trail

The historical game that I chose to play was Oregon Trail. It is a game that I have heard a ton about but have never really had time to sit down and play it. I played through it one time and had every person in my party die pretty quickly. I feel like that is kind of analogous to the real-life counterpart. It was not easy for people to make this trip and a lot of people likely died. There were not really any easy cures for the things that they faced and I feel like the game does a good job of showing that. It makes the player be really careful which is something that people had to do in this situation. Something that I wish the game did different was let you make more choices. It is relatively linear in its design and does not have much choice for the player. I also wish it was more of a first person sort of game so the player is more immersed into the experience. I feel like experiencing the past in this sort of game allows it to be more fun. Reading this information out of a book doesn’t really do as whole lot for many people. It allows them to be more engaged in the topic and thus it could make them look into it more after playing the game. I feel like this does have a risk of people thinking that the game is exactly how it was in real life. But that is not really ever the case. I think it is always important to note in these games that they are only based on true events and there is always more or less to the story than what is being shown.

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